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Fire Ants (2016)

Fire Ants writhe and squirm with capricious living character 


"Fire Ants" are innately familar to us through this sculptural embodiment, as a dense thicket of magnetic beads and wires in perpetual, semi-chaotic motion.  Our visual sense attempts to layer notions of "character" and "behavior" onto inanimate objects, through the language of motion.  Materials combined with shapes, texture, color and motion reminiscent of living biota create a natural setting for us to feel a relatable sense of animal kinship with inanimate objects.  This work invites us to ponder our innate fears and phobias which can arise through certain representations of scale, texture and motion.  


Composition:  Two large magnets rotating inside a glass enclosure, subtle field changes effect the motion of smaller outer magnetic beads attached to fine silicone wire.

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